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Looking for of new admins!

Hey guys, I’m Alexa!

I am one of the admins of the blog.

Unfortunately for reasons of time, I can not continue with the blog, I updated too little and there are many of you making confessions and do not deserve to stay in the askbox.

So, if you use Photoshop and want to be administrator of the blog, and most importantly you’re a fan of Friends send me an inbox ;)

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Anonymous said:
Hey, does anybody know why in season 6, ep 1, all the stars names have arquette at the end?

It was a way to celebrate the marriage of Courteney with David Arquette

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Anonymous said:
To the person who said they don't know how Phoebe became a part of the group, I think she was just a random roommate that Monica chose, kind of like how Joey interviewed roommates once Chandler moved out.

Reply to THIS

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